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Joy Design and Information Architecture

Joy Web design and Information Architecture is a place where you can see your objectives and needs changed in web technologies, what you're able to do best becomes software. The approach I keep towards web development is extremely task oriented, the interface and the context are taken care as the planning and the content of your online presence. I've an interdisciplinary experience which enables me to engage in every web project in an elastic manner, and to give specific and exhaustive answers with a popular and economic profile. You'll find below some examples of my work, and my job experiences are available in my linkedin profile.

  • frontpage book A publication (From novel to network, digital writing as literary form, Aracne editrice, Roma 2007) speaking about Information Architecture in a different manner (from the point of view of Humanities and literature). This book is studying blogs and websites as if they were literary text, measuring the fruition of the user as if she was the reader of a book;
  • image of the python speculative interfaceThe Python Speculative Interface, my first online project, which is intended to be a example of an hybrid connection between a cgi script (old fashion web application), and the API of a mediawiki (The CMS used by to review the articles).

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