Python Speculative Interface

Have you ever though as python as a language for poetry? Have you ever found the operation used in python inside a poetry? It is not difficult to find a programming operation in literature. For instance the Iliad is a poem which starts with a character, Achilles, who is angry (the wrath of Achilles), and then it stops with the death of Achilles, so it is structured like a script which begins with a formula like: "while achilleswrath==True", and which contains any other thing of the poem inside this while statement.

In the pdf you will find an article about python programming language as literary form. Then try typing some python commands or even a single letter in the form, a suggestion of the available commands will appear!

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Discussing about code and poetry
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The various aspects of python programming language, and more in general of the object oriented programming paradigm as a poetry, are discussed inside this wiki. Every command will be provided with a discussion about an allegorical interpretation you can give of it. In the video you will find a tutorial for using this interface and collaboratively contribute to it through the wiki.

This interface is a connection between three different web interfaces, an ajax form which connects itself with a wiki to define the content of the interface, it connects to the wiki through a web API, the Rest API of mediawiki.