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This is a multipurpose wiki, which aims to define the python commands by the processes of meaning involved in their execution.

Allegorical content of python commands

The first aim of this wiki is defining an allegorical "content" for every python command. You can use your fantasy to do it, building a literary metaphor or using your logical kwnoledge do define the operations executed by the python interpreter. If you cannot find a python command in this wiki the try defining it yourself, register to the wiki an create the page you are looking for, to have some instructions on how to create the command page refer to the Category:Command page. Every command defined in this wiki will be shown in the python speculative interface.

Python lessons

The second purpose of this wiki is to teach the Python_lessons/Python programming language in some lessons at the association Raccatta Raee, Via Solferino 41/a Bologna; more information about the python lessons. If you're learning python you can find useful examples in this section of the wiki, as every example and execise done in class is available there.